15,000 Businesses Need Tech VAs To Help With This Exact Skillset

Skills anyone can easily learn and stand out from the competition…

even if they aren’t “techie”

Skills anyone can easily learn and stand out from the competition…even if they aren’t “techie”

Enrollment Closes In...

Enrollment Closes In...

I keep hearing from you…

  • I want to be a VA (but I don’t want to do content creation)

  • I can’t push past the $20/hr mark and need to uplevel my skillset

  • My clients are asking me to help run their online programs and sites but I have no idea what I’m doing

  • I don’t know how to code, don’t want to learn Wordpress…but I need a website

And from business owners…

  • Do you have any VAs trained in this tech stuff?

  • WHEN will the VAs be ready to hire?!

  • I need help but don’t have time to train anyone

Business owners have the marketing skills, strategy, copywriting and even graphics nailed down…but you know what they don’t have?

Someone to help implement all of that for them

That’s why I’ve partnered with the lead educators in online business to equip a new army of VAs

Our Educators Know What Tech VAs are Being Asked to do…

Nuno Tavares

Used his 20+ years as an executive leader at Fortune 500 Company to co-launch a marketing agency that’s created and launched hundreds of sites & marketing campaigns for business owners He’s also a Lead Tech Officer at Funnel Gorgeous

Andy Klepner

After 20+ years designing software, custom coding sites and marketing campaigns for clients around the world, he co founded the marketing agency with Nuno to support their hundreds of clients! Also a Lead Tech Officer at Funnel Gorgeous

Both are Dads, Jersey boys and fellow workaholics because they love what they do, so ya know…they’re “one of us”

Esther Inman

Founder Virtual Assistant Internship & 90 Day VA Program Helped over 4000 be a content virtual assistant Placed hundreds of VAs with businesses Have used the software and skills we are training you on in my own business and with clients to build and launch over 60 online courses for clients and my students

Enrollment Closes In...


Combined years of experience 


Trained VAs


Businesses we use these skills with


Business owners begging for trained VAs

Meet the Cool New Kid in Town…

But we aren’t teaching this the old boring way and even if you only finish half the program you’ll be able to show off…

Your OWN multi page website, including your packages, prices, and payment acceptance systems

An automagic booking system to use with potential new clients or to setup for business owners

A complete site for a business owner selling multiple products PLUS their membership site

Your in depth knowledge of automations with cool email flows, product purchasing, fancy calendar setups 

Here’s what you WON’T be expected to do as a Tech VA and WON’T find in our program…

No coding websites from scratch (biz owners give you templates! We show you how to use em!)

No writing copy for websites or emails (we give you sample copy to use and so will anyone who hires you!)

No Developing a strategy and figuring out what types of pages to build (they’ll tell you, but we’ll teach you the top few used as examples!)

No Designing branding, logos, picking colors for the sites (again, think TEMPLATES or a brand kit the business owner will give ya)

This course was exactly what I was looking for and it has literally been life changing. In the last month and a half since switching from an OBM to only tech, I have landed 3 clients doing full tech setups with FG, and they keep sending referrals my way!

Luvyna Mantle

We are using the software FG Funnels (High Level) to teach you everything

But why stop at the 15,000 business owners using this particular software?

By the time we are done with ya, you’ll be able to work with any business owner using a similar software too

That’s MILLIONS more potential business owners needing your new fancy tech services

Build your own working site with packages, consultation booking, and payment acceptance

Build 3 different sites to show off in your portfolio

Qualify for higher pay jobs

+ thousands of job opportunities 

Here's What Our Student's Have Had To Say

Enrollment Closes In...

Here’s everything Tech VA in a Day is going to teach you…

Module 1 WTF is a Funnel

Esther walks you through the foundational parts of digital marketing and funnel building you’ll be working to help implement as a fancy new tech VA - so no prior experience necessary!

Module 2 Preparing to Launch Your First Funnel

The exact steps you need to launch your OWN lead generating funnel right in FG and everything you then need to be able to do it for business owners the next time

Module 3 Launching Your First Funnel

Imagine a business owner effortlessly learns about your services, books a time with you and pays you - voila! By the end of this module your new funnel will be ready to show potential clients that you know EXACTLY what you are doing

Module 4 Automating Your New Lead Generating Funnel

WOW business owners with your new automation skills (AKA making a button work, an email send, etc) and get your new funnel working properly in the process!

Module 5 Email Like Ya Mean It

Support clients with one of their top business priorities: their email list. Whether they use FG for email or connect to another email provider: we teach it all!

Module 6 Building Funnels for Course Creators

If you’ve ever wanted to work for a course creator (like me, Esther!) then this is the module for you! Nuno walks you through the nuances of putting together a new funnel style, with a given template, copy and how to set up the top automations requested by these types of clients. Then Andy shows you how to set up a membership area!

Module 7 Advanced FG Secrets

Andy & Nuno gathered all the little BIG things clients are always asking for and popped them into one module you can grab from whenever you want to really show off your new FG skills to a business owner

I am so excited to say I have officially landed my first client as a Tech VA! I ended up doing A LOT of free work for her and there was still so much left to be done. I finally got brave and pitched myself to finish the site for her. She was thrilled to hire me!

Sara Sovie

Special Bonuses We Snagged Just For You 

Because We Shmoozed With the FG Developers

60 Day Education Pass to FG


Practice with all the tools we show you as many times as you want, host and launch your site, build a portfolio to show future clients as much as you want for 60 days, on us. THIS IS LITERALLY NOT OFFERED ANYWHERE ELSE!

Automations Bundle


Yes we’re teaching you to build automations from scratch, like what does a button do when it’s clicked? How about when an application is filled out? BUT what if we had the top 3 workflows requested by clients already built for you to just download and use…voila!

VA Services Site Template

(VALUE $500)

You don’t have to build your new website from scratch, nor for clients. You’ll be getting this professionally designed multi page web design template ready to book new clients included with Tech VA in a Day!

5 Page Course Creator Site Template

(VALUE $500)

Build a beautiful site to show potential clients selling any kind of product on the interwebs, they’ll be wowed by the automations on this one!

VA Business Suite Setup

(VALUE $297)

Look like a PRO online using Google Business once Nuno walks you through each step

12 Months Tech Club Access

(VALUE $199+)

In this Facebook Group Andy and Nuno host weekly work sessions which we call "office hours". In these work sessions you can share your screen and talk through anything you are stuck on with them.

Copy Freedom!

(VALUE $49)

Use our Chat GPT class & prompt guides to generate copy for your sample sites automagically!


How to Build a Wordpress Website for a Client’s Brand

(VALUE $497)

In this bonus class series Andy will walk you through how to create a beautiful Wordpress website for you or your clients. A brand new tech skill set ready to offer more businesses!

Advanced Funnel Design

(VALUE $197)

No more drooling over beautiful funnels and being stuck with templates, after these classes you’ll know how to make fancy edits using CSS and advanced funnel design techniques previously just for experts!

A Bonus Bundle Designed to Take Your Skills to WORK

**PLUS Special Winter Cohort 2023

Black Friday Bonus Bundle**

Master Builder Course Access

(VALUE $997)

Brand new intensive training so you can ALSO qualify for local businesses HL/FG tech jobs & agencies that serve them

  • How to setup incoming calls & scheduling for local service providers (e.g. chiropractors, plumbers, landscapers!)

  • Advanced email management

  • Text messaging campaigns

  • Hiring & onboarding new team members for this ready to expand into an agency themselves

8 Week Intensive Bundle

(VALUE $497)

Get everything done in 8 weeks or less with our intensive program designed to get your first site done + applying to jobs in as little as 8 weeks! During the 8 weeks you'll receive...

  • Welcome Party with the founders to get you launched on the right foot!

  • Twice Weekly Calls with Andy & Nuno

  • Week by Week Guide + To Do List to finish FAST

  • LIVE 4 hour HACK A THON day with Andy & Nuno

  • 2 live "How to Get Clients" sessions

That's Over $4291 in Bonuses Alone!

I started with my new client when I was half way through the course.

I offered to set up FG funnels as this was a platform I've found to be great and love.

She had a quick scan and said let's do it!

Jennie Wraight

Total Value: $5200

Normally: $1497


Enroll Today for Only $97

(and then 11 more monthly payments of $97)

Hurry! Enrollment Ends In...


Do I have to pay for the software after the 60 days?

Most business owners will have you working within THEIR software so you do not need to maintain an FG membership long term unless desired. We are working on a long term discounted software option just for students though too!

What happens with the members club after 12 months?

You’ll be emailed shortly before expiration and invited to maintain your enrollment, we do not auto charge.

Do I need to be tech savvy to do this?

Nope! Nuno & Andy take you step by step in what they’re getting requests for VAs to be able to do and Esther will be like your sherpa to ensure everything is making sense along the way

Do I need to have completed 90 Day VA prior to joining Tech VA in a Day?

Nope! In fact, Esther created this for those interested in a different skill set than 90 Day VA offers (or an additional one!)

How do I find jobs? Do you guarantee a job?

We never guarantee jobs because we can’t guarantee you’ll do the program, BUT your bonus club membership gets you into our student-only exclusive job board and we have loads of trainings on how to find good gigs

How much can I make as a Tech VA?

The jobs we post for students will be minimum $20/hr but are usually $25-$35 depending on how advanced your skills are. But the sky's the limit, the more you learn the more you can charge at a fast pace.

Are these project based contractor jobs? Or?

Most gigs will be long term since businesses are always launching or tweaking offers and need long term support. The type of classification of the worker depends on the business and your location but there’s both employee and contractor jobs available. 

It’s time to Recession Proof Your Life

When you equip yourself with the top requested online skills in the industry that are ALWAYS in demand (ie supporting business owners selling their offers) you will never want for work.

Side hustle, weekend work, while the kids are asleep, from the pool on a tropical island…I’ve been paid to work as a tech VA through all of that.

After helping over 4000 of you move into content support VA work, and now over 200 into Tech VAs...

I can’t wait to see even more of you inside of Tech VA in a Day and walk a new journey with you.